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We answer common questions that first time transporters, and even frequent transporters, may be curious to know about. The vehicle transportation industry offers a wide variety of options when it comes to shipping vehicles. Browse through our informative database of transport tips to get a better understanding of how the vehicle transportation process works.

It can sometimes be an over-the-top overwhelming experience to choose a vehicle transport company. Some people start their search using the yellow pages and the Internet. You already have an advantage because you are here at reading this and we can connect you with multiple auto transport companies for free estimates. The vehicle transport companies we refer you to are pre-screened by us, so you will have a more reliable source than just roaming the yellow pages or surfing the web.

Your household transporter might not be the best to move your car. Do not forget to ask their advice on an auto transport company however. Running a vehicle transport company requires skill and experience. It requires special equipment and insurance. It is a specialist’s job. It is a good idea to ask friends and family for references, as first hand experience is the best indicator of the quality of service offered.

Companies Must Have Proper Transport Authority

A small amount of research can save you a lot of problems. This is as true of vehicle transport companies as of any other companies. All vehicle transporters need registration with the department of transportation and need an active MC and USDOT number. Forwarders and brokers are an exception. They need only MC numbers. Check a company’s credentials by searching at for their company name or USDOT number. Also along with valid USDOT and MC numbers, the carrier should have specific credentials to transport motor vehicles.

Cargo Insurance and Liability

In addition to USDOT numbers, carriers must have liability and cargo insurance. The amounts of insurance coverage vary, however you must ask for proof of coverage before hiring a transporter. Insurance information can be confirmed at or by making a call to the transporters insurance company. Check that the insurance cover is enough to cover the value of your car. Enquire about any limits on insurance and if necessary ask for additional insurance. See this article with more information on auto transport company insurance issues.

Check References and Records

There are a number of ways to verify an auto transporters authenticity. Check with someone in a related field like a car salesman. Check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints being filed against your company and how issues were resolved. See if you can get references from past customers of the company. Search online for any customer reviews if available.

Auto Shipping Details

Ask your company about specific details, policies and procedures. Ask about inspection, pick up and delivery procedures, as well as the timeline. Check for any restrictions that you must know about. Ask the company what the best way is to prepare your car for transport. Get a written contract and make sure to read it carefully.

Hidden Fees

Check for hidden fees underlying your car's transport. This could be in the form of a fuel surcharge or any other hidden fees. You must be informed of all hidden fees before your car is picked up.


Cars are very important to their owners. As such, you need to make sure you are getting a good car transporter for your money. Put in your research to find the best car transporter for your dream vehicle and you will find it worth your while.